Delivering superior
process technology
through experience
and proprietary Systems

Our core Technologies

✓ Bag Filters

✓ Flash Drying

✓ Extraction

✓ Evaporation

✓Freeze Drying

✓Fluid Bed Drying


✓Spray Drying



Infant Formula
Milk Powders
Whey Powders
Dairy Ingredients



Plant Proteins
Ingredients & Flavorings
Starch Derivatives
Animal Feed



Plant Proteins
Coffee, Tea & Plant extracts
Ingredients & Flavorings
Animal Proteins

SiccaDania evaporators
for potato water at a
starch production plant

Experts in
Small Scale Spray Drying Equipment

✓ Multipurpose drying
✓ Reproducible drying results for R&D
✓ Small scale production
✓ Plug-and-Play
✓ Option for individual fitting

Key applications
and advantages:

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About SiccaDania
SiccaDania was founded in 2014 following the establishment of Danish Separation Technology. The company was formed by a group of individuals having extensive industrial experience and expertise within the evaporation and drying technologies involved in the processing of dairy, starch and food products.
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