Thousands of existing dryers and evaporators are in operation every day around the world, producing food products for the growing population. Very often, the owners of these plants face challenges with the existing factories, which require upgrades for different reasons. SiccaDania has a dedicated team focusing on upgrading existing dryers and evaporators irrespective of the initial provider of the plant. Our capabilities within drying and evaporation enable us to advise the optimal solutions based on our expertise in process design, engineering, fabrication, and installation. There can be multiple reasons why a dryer or evaporator may require an upgrade

Plant Relocation

When companies consolidate through mergers, often one part wishes to relocate a plant from one site to another. SiccaDania offers to assess the plant, prepare an offer, dismantle the plant, mark everything up appropriately, replace worn-out or damaged parts, re-install and re-commission the plant.

Capacity Increase

An old dryer can very often deliver a higher capacity by exchanging certain components which represent the bottleneck for the current production. With our process design capabilities combined with our expertise for the different dryer components, we are able to advise and often also guarantee a higher capacity of your dryer.

24/7 conversion

Many producers using evaporators and dryers are operating 18-20 hours per day, followed by a shutdown for cleaning purposes. This is not optimal utilisation of the production equipment and prevents you from maximising the benefits of your investment. SiccaDania offers to modify your production equipment to be able to operate 24/7 generating more plant throughput, less downtime and improved utilisation of your investment.

Safety Upgrade

Many dryers were designed and installed at a time where other safety regulations applied. Your dryer may not meet the current safety regulation, and this represents a risk to operators, management and the company as a whole. SiccaDania offers safety evaluations as well as an offer to upgrade the dryer to meet current safety regulations.

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Energy Optimisation

Used dryers and evaporators were often designed at a time where energy consumption was considered less important than today. Modern dryer and evaporator designs consider energy efficiency a highly important factor in both OPEX and image perspectives. Very often, SiccaDania will be able to reduce the energy cost in the drying operation by 10-25% offering a pay-back time of 1-2 years on the improvement. SiccaDania offers to analyse the business case with you, propose the solution with a calculated pay-back and carry through the improvement.

Process Air Dehumidification

Many dairy dryers can benefit from installing process air dehumidification. One advantage is that you can often achieve a higher capacity on the dryer, another is that you achieve a more uniform end-product quality, as process air dehumidification reduces fluctuations in end product moisture. SiccaDania offers complete dehumidification systems as well an the installation and commissioning of the complete dryer system subsequently.

Plant Emission Control

Increased emission control demands on producers using dryers and evaporators are experienced all over the World. This may be particulate emissions, noise, condensate quality or odour. Most often, SiccaDania will be able to advise solutions solving such problems, by adding or replacing equipment featuring improved emission control.

Replacement of Damaged Parts

Sometimes equipment breaks down. It may be from ordinary wear and tear, but it may also derive from sudden accidents, such as a fire or powder explosion. SiccaDania with its sizeable manufacturing and installation service teams are able to prioritise large projects, both in the case where it may be a planned shut-down, as well as in cases of sudden accidents where a fast and large workforce is required to bring the equipment back into operation.

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