Leaping forward with the Gazelle Award

At SiccaDania, we are proud, humbled and incredibly happy to be awarded the Børsen Gazelle Award

SiccaDania is on roll with several years with positive growth and revenue. We have over the past 5 years grown from 10 people to more than 400 in 8 countries. We are proud to be the winners of this year’s Børsen Gazelle award.

The requirements to become Børsen -the main financial newspaper in Denmark – Gazelle are tough. A gazelle company grows continuously and at least doubles its revenue or gross profit over four financial years, while there is positive growth all the years.

SiccaDania’s CEO and co-founder Søren Rasmussen, is incredibly proud of this award:

“Without our employees, we would never have been able to achieve the results we have over the last 5 years. Every new employee we have hired since starting in late 2014, have brought with them experience, spirit and most of all drive. The Gazelle Award is a recognition of all employees hard work.” Søren Rasmussen.

The 3 corner stones of SiccaDania

This award is not the finishing line for SiccaDania but another steppingstone towards making food processing better, more sustainable, healthier and safer. SiccaDania has always believed that our success does not come from one place but from all our employees, their experience and our customers driver to improve food processing. SiccaDania will continue to create innovative, sustainable solutions of the highest quality. Our customers are as much a part of our success.

SiccaDania’s employees are working steadily towards always creating new designs and solutions that enable customers to improve their production. The latest innovations from SiccaDania includes Plant Protein processing and a new more sustainable membrane filtration plant, LeanFlux.

Our technology is our passion. Our technology is a key stone in our success. We cooperate with our customers to develop the right technical solutions. Our employees develop new technology and processes for our customers. Our entire work ethic is centred in creating solutions for our customers.