Expanding the lactoferrin production

Expanding the lactoferrin production at FrieslandCampina Ingredients  SiccaDania is proud to announce that it is contracted by FrieslandCampina for the delivery of a Spray Dryer for Lactoferrin. Lactoferrin is a key ingredient in early life [...]

Customisable infant formula line

Customisable, energy efficient infant formula plants As one of the finest applications within the dairy landscape, Nutritional Formulations (infant formula/IF) process plants requires an intense focus on cleanability, hygienic design, safety, repeatability in process parameters [...]

Creating a sustainable protein source

Creating a sustainable protein source At SiccaDania, we are proud to participate in creating sustainable protein sources. The demand for plant-based proteins and the related technology is growing rapidly as consumers have become more [...]

Teaching each other

Teaching each other At SiccaDania, we are proud of all our experts and their willingness to share their expertise with all their colleagues. SD Academy was established last year in 2019 as a tool [...]

Participating in Smart Protein

SiccaDania are part of a ground-breaking new EU project which will develop new alternative proteins. A range of highly innovative new-protein foods made from plants, fungi, by-products, and residues will soon emerge from Smart Protein, a [...]

Bacteria for plants, plants for living

Bacteria for plants, plants for living Written by: Martina Vavrusova Hedegaard, Ph.D.  /  Technologist  /  SD Freeze Drying Plant production includes the food, feed, and fibre industries. Therefore, it represents a significant role in supplying goods for our daily lives. [...]