Tin Nghia opens a new coffee factory

Coffee is an important agricultural commodity in Vietnam affecting millions of lives and businesses across the country. Coffee is also one of the top Vietnamese exports marking a $ 3.5 billion turn-over from 2017 to 2018. Unfortunately, 90% of [...]

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Stavropol – An important SiccaDania site

Tailor-made solutions, expertise, flexibility and efficiency were all important for Molochny Kombinat “Stavropolsky” (MKS) in Stavropol, Russia when choosing a supplier for optimising their dairy production. As one of the largest producers of dairy products in the southern part [...]

2018-12-04T16:36:31+00:00December 4, 2018|News|

SiccaDania acquires NivobaHovex

SiccaDania proudly announces the acquisition of NivobaHovex “This acquisition is a very important milestone in the development of SiccaDania as a leading supplier of high quality advanced process solutions to the global starch industry. Through this acquisition, SiccaDania gains [...]

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Starfish to be processed into protein-rich feed

First factory to process starfish into protein-rich feed '' It is the first factory in the world to process starfish for feed use, '' says Mr. Niels Jørgen Madsen, the director of the newly established company Danish Marine [...]

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EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award

SiccaDania is proud to be among the 6 finalists in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year competition. Together with 33 other companies representing the Zealand Region in Denmark, we were thrilled to receive such a great recognition as a [...]

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SiccaDania has acquired Coboti

Coboti is now SD Freeze Drying “This acquisition is a very important step in developing SiccaDania into a leading supplier of process equipment solutions for sanitary applications globally” says CEO Soren Sten Rasmussen, and continues: “The acquisition of Coboti [...]

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An expansion towards a sustainable relationship

After a successful project completion of SiccaDania’s Zeta drying technology, Lyckeby’s decision to expand further on the effluent side streams from the potato starch production gave us the opportunity to cooperate again. SiccaDania installed last year a  Zeta Dryer [...]

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SiccaDania training workshop in Shanghai

Think global, act local The global economy has changed the way organizations operate and grow in an indelible manner. After four years, SiccaDania’s rapid growth and success has made it a global entity with offices and partners in over [...]

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SiccaDania opens office in the Netherlands

SiccaDania is pleased to announce the opening of our office in the Netherlands under the name SiccaDania NL. This new office will extend SiccaDania’s presence at the markets in the Benelux Region. Furthermore, it will enable us to support [...]

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