Milk is a vital component not only for mammals but also for humans. With vitamins such as B12 and B5, as well as calcium, magnesium and many more important substances, milk becomes almost a necessity for a healthy diet.

Processing raw milk into milk powder involves an initial heat treatment/pasteurisation step before the milk is concentrated from 10-13% solids to approx. 50% solids in a tubular falling film evaporator. Production of skim milk powders involves a heat treatment phase in the evaporator, where the product is classified as being either Low-Heat, Medium-Heat or High-Heat. Subsequent spray drying can take place producing either ordinary skim milk powder in a conventional spray dryer layout or agglomerated skim milk powder. This requires a two/three-stage layout. Generally, agglomerated powders have better reconstitution properties compared to non-agglomerated powders. They are also easier to handle in later processing due to their non-dusting and improved flow-ability properties. Ordinary whole milk powder can be dried in a conventional spray dryer layout, whereas agglomerated whole milk powder requires a three-stage layout to secure proper agglomeration and instantization of the powder.

Infant Formula

Infant formula powders consist of various ingredients, a combination of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, lipids and minerals. Producers aim at formulating recipes that come close in composition to breast milk, but also recipes that meet  the typical needs of infants of different age groups. Infant formula production normally involves powder handling and mixing, liquid processing and thermal treatment, evaporation, spray drying and packaging (pouches, cans or bags). Installing an infant formula processing line involves much competence not only in the process equipment field, but also in validation and in an integrated approach to project management involving the building contractor. SiccaDania offers complete project management & integration solutions in this field.

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Whey & Dairy Ingredients

Dairy products, in general, are extracted from liquid milk in various forms such as cheese or cream. Besides providing many advantages as an additive, such as delivery of key nutrients and water management, dairy ingredients can also become a great source of taste and texture.
An important dairy product extracted from fluid milk is Whey protein. Casein and Whey protein are the two proteins found in milk, therefore when casein is removed from skim milk, milk serum proteins are left. These in other words are called Whey and are widely used as protein supplements to meet a human’s daily protein requirement. It is important to note that Whey intake should be carefully controlled and in cases where the required protein intake is met by a balanced diet, its consumption is simply unnecessary.
Whey powders and derivatives consist of a wide variety of different products, which require different approaches regarding liquid handling, concentration and drying. The main categories include ordinary sweet whey, acid whey, different whey protein concentrates, normal whey permeate, non-caking whey permeate and lactose. SiccaDania offers processing solutions for most whey applications. To find out more information about any of our dairy solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.