Evaporation with falling film evaporators is a very efficient way of removing water from a liquid to obtain a higher concentrate of the solids. SiccaDania designs and delivers the falling film evaporators with either Thermal Vapor Re-compression or with Mechanical Vapor Re-compression systems these types are very high efficient and low energy consuming. Whether to chose a TVR or MVR system depends on the energy supply available and the price of energy at the site in-question.

Pre-heating and heat treatment of the liquid before evaporation is made in heat exchangers of various types or with direct steam injection, depending on the product and the requirements for heat treatment. This is done in order to reduce risk of bacterial growth in the system and the product and to pre-heat the product and save energy before it enters the actual evaporation stage. The energy for the pre-heating is very often taken from the product condensate and/or the concentrate coming from the evaporation at a relatively high temperature. When designing the evaporation systems with re-use of the energy the OPEX will be reduced significantly.

An evaporation system consists of the following systems:
• Feed tank and feed pump
• Pre-heating system, by plate or tubular heat exchangers
• Heat treatment system, by tubular heat exchanger, DSI or direct steam flash vessel
• Evaporation in a falling film calandria with integrated vapor separator and circulation pumps
and discharge pump
SiccaDania offers a range of evaporators ranging from pilot scale capacities to approx. 80 tons per hour water evaporation. Our evaporation technology can be used in the dairy, starch and food industries. For example the potato juice left over from the extraction of fibers and proteins can be concentrated to above 40% with a MVR falling film evaporator. In the dairy industry, after the initial heat treatment, the milk can be concentrated to approximately 50% solids in a tubular falling film evaporator.