The exact origins of coffee are not known; however, many believe the beloved beans were found in Ethiopia by a goat herder named Kaldi. Raw coffee appears as a cherry-like fruit which becomes red when ripen. Coffee beans can be found at the centre of the red fruit. Although coffee has been consumed for hundreds of years, the instant coffee is relatively new dating back to 1910. Due to its convenience, soluble coffee has become one of the most used type of beverage derived from coffee beans. The manufacturing process of coffee has been improved throughout the years as the consumer expects a taste closer to the freshly brewed coffee. After the raw material has been roasted, ground and brewed, the coffee extract goes through evaporation and drying. Here the beans become either granules or powder. SiccaDania offers tubular falling film evaporators for coffee extract. Turning extract into powders, we apply different spray dryer designs, depending on desired end-product powder properties. We cooperate with DEVEX and Kahl Group (Germany) for supplying complete instant coffee process lines, including roasting, extraction, concentration, and drying.

As well as this, our subsidiary SD Freeze Drying can design and manufacture the latest freeze-dryers to further maximise your factory’s long-term efficiency. More information here.


Proteins form a vital part of the cells which aid in repairing and healing when it comes to the human body. It is important to note, however, that its ingredients are not only used in food and beverage industries but also in many other applications such as paints or cosmetics. Proteins are probably the fastest growing food ingredient market in the world. The ever-growing population and lifestyle trends drive an increased need for diversified protein sources. Besides the gym junkies, the new generation trends such as the increase of vegetarianism is also fuelling protein growth. This automatically becomes an opportunity for SiccaDania which offers complete solutions for many types of plant and animal proteins.


Flavors are mostly used to alter or improve a natural product’s taste. Generally, there are three group of flavors: natural, nature-identical and artificial substances. Most of them are produced in a powder form for easy storing, packaging and transportation. Spray drying is one of the most used technique to produce powder flavors. This is because spray dried flavors have a longer shelf life and are easier to handle. In spray drying, the input is atomised into a stream of hot air. The atomised articles dry very rapidly, trapping volatile flavor constituents inside the droplets. The powder is recovered via cyclone collectors.

Spray drying of flavors is one of SiccaDania’s core competencies.