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ACO SiccaDania is probably the most experienced provider of installation services for dryers and evaporators worldwide. The expertise has been very much focused around spray dryers, flash dryers, Zeta Dryers, fluid beds, tubular evaporators, process air supply units, heat exchangers, cyclones and bag filters. But also many other process plants have been installed by the ACO SiccaDania crew over the years.

Our approach to installation services builds on a crew of extremely experienced Danish installation supervisors, supported by our installation crew from ACO SiccaDania in Poland. ACO SiccaDania has approx 75 people dedicated to installation projects around the world. The teams are highly skilled, and ACO SiccaDania is able to run up to 10 large installation projects in parallel. Completely fitted installation service containers with all necessary calibrated and certified tools are made available. ACO SiccaDania also provides site management and Health & Safety management for site installation projects.

The close cooperation between the workshop fabrication and the installation service teams is your guarantee for cost-effective solutions, no timeline slippages, and uncompromised quality. With SiccaDania and ACO SiccaDania, we can offer a one-stop supply where you avoid endless discussions on supplier responsibility.

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