SiccaDania offers filtration solutions to the Dairy, Food and other industries through our dedicated business unit SD Filtration.

SD Filtration is part of the SiccaDania group and specialises in delivering membrane filtration plants for the dairy industry. SD Filtration’s core technologies lie within “plug & produce” membrane filtration plants, fully assembled and FAT tested before delivery for on-site installation and integration. The SD Filtration® plants are designed according to the customer specification, whether to be used for viscous products, low process volumes or for continuous as well as batch operation. SD Filtration can provide cross-flow filtration plants, adoptions for existing plants, automation and after-sales service. As part of their capabilities they can also provide retentate pasteurisers. The subsidiary is dedicated to creating solutions that “generate more money than they cost”.

SD Filtration provides customised standard solutions with:

Basic filtration (Cross-Flow filtration and Dead-end filtration)




Reverse Osmosis

SD Filtration is proud to present LeanFlux® (patent pending)

LeanFlux represents the future of cross flow membrane filtration. LeanFlux® provides considerable savings on operational costs compared with today’s prevailing methods. This statement from one of our customer’s Process Specialist summarises LeanFlux® perfectly;

“LeanFlux® is probably the single largest technology jump within polymeric cross-flow membrane filtration ever seen in the food industry ”.

For more information visit our LeanFlux site.

Support, upgrades and expansion

If your requirements involve upgrading, further optimisation, solving present issues and/or expansion of an existing filtration plant, SD Filtration is a strong partner you can depend on. Based on SD Filtration’s in-depth knowledge and long experience within dairy membrane filtration, they can support you with a full range of competencies to investigate, analyse, re-design, automate as well as deliver and commission optimal solutions. SD Filtration also extend their service and support philosophy with intelligent “adoption” of existing membrane plants through simple implementation of their standard application software.

Our ambition is to continuously share the knowledge and benefits of membrane filtration for dairy applications. For this purpose, we have developed the filtration application overview for your perusal. You can download the SD Filtration™ Dairy Map here

You can read more about our filtration solutions and services on the dedicated website here.

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