SiccaDania China presented at the 2019 Annual Potato Starch Special Committee Member Conference and China Potato Starch Industry Summit in Hefei (Anhui province).

The China Starch Industry Association event has the purpose to present and discuss industry developments and national standards, challenges and new technologies for the potato production business in China. Among the presenters were representatives from the central government and from COFCO, China’s largest food processor, manufacturer and trader.

With an annual output of 96 million tons potato, China is producing some 25% of the global potato harvest.

Earlier this year, a Chinese delegation was visiting European starch producers and equipment suppliers including our office in Veendam, Netherlands. In the current government plan, environmental protection has a central position and measures are effectively introduced. The potato starch industry in China is looking for possibilities to manufacture end products with higher value more efficiently and at the same time, reduce the waste amount and energy consumption.

Siccadania was asked to present the “One in – all out” crop processing concept and the Innovation Centre capabilities in Denmark. One in – all out is a step in the process of sustainable production. The SiccaDania One in – all out concept aims to optimise revenues in situations like increasing demand for raw material in a growing industry, climate influences and problems with plant diseases.

The SiccaDania One in – all out concept refers to the complete valorisation of the tuberiform raw material in the starch industry, such as tapioca and potatoes. With the One in – all out concept all side streams and out streams, such as waste water, are utilised to produce for example as disposable water and liquid fertilizer.

With this concept, we have managed to keep consumption as low as 2m3 fresh water per 1 ton of starch on dry base in the wet process. This has all been enabled by smart process design and highly efficient production equipment.