Think global, act local

The global economy has changed the way organizations operate and grow in an indelible manner. After four years, SiccaDania’s rapid growth and success has made it a global entity with offices and partners in over 10 countries. Despite this, we never forget our core values and we acknowledge the importance of their unity. In fact, we believe this to be an essential success factor, regardless of business size.

But global does not only imply success, growth and profits. A global firm must confront its cross-border spin-off effects, and, efficiently deal with them. At our latest training workshop, members of the company’s headquarters together with SiccaDania New Zealand, Singapore and China gathered in Shanghai. The main purpose of this training was cross-border – cross departmental integration. The current ERP solution used by SiccaDania in Denmark proved its competency, and, as the company is rapidly growing it is crucial that each member is on board. A similar workshop was conducted earlier on this year within our European subsidiaries. ‘Our goal was to have all SiccaDania group using the same standard system, this is especially important for a company dealing with projects as they require management and control from various departments simultaneously’ explains Global Supply Chain Director Ms. Niemann. After 5 days of implementation and training, we are now happy to announce that a common ERP solution is present across all countries. Now the company can tackle a greater sales load, and as per usual never compromising on quality.

Being an entity which values technology and people, SiccaDania takes every opportunity to use technology to bring our team closer, regardless of location. Having said that, the importance of face-to-face meetings is never underrated, including the social aspect which comes as a bonus. Our new finance controller Mr. Andersen explained that besides training purposes which without doubt have been very beneficial, for him this trip has been a great introduction to SiccaDania and its team. Other participants of the workshop agree with Mr. Andersen on this aspect. Although technology brings great value to global companies when it comes to communication, cooperation and costs savings, ‘’putting a face to a name’’ is sometimes priceless.