SiccaDania is happy to confirm the order for a new Zeta dryer for drying of potato proteins with a capacity of 700 kg protein powder. The project is awarded by LYCKEBY-AMYLEX Inc. from Czech Republic to SiccaDania based on SiccaDania’s experience in producing a high quality potato protein powder at low operational costs. The SiccaDania Zeta dryer type is especially suited for high products such as potato proteins and is one of the key drivers in SiccaDania’s strategy for the starch industry. The dryer will be installed in Czech Republic and will be in production by next year.


LYCKEBY AMYLEX, Inc. is the largest producer of potato starch in the Czech Republic. A substantial part of potato starch production is further processed into dextrin and modified starches for the paper industry. LYCKEBY AMYLEX uses premium quality fully automated technology. Their products are used mainly in technical industries.

LYCKEBY-AMYLEX is in a partnership agreement with Lyckeby Starch AB.


About Lyckeby Starch AB

Lyckeby Starch is a Swedish starch company who develops and manufactures modern, potato based speciality starch, protein and fiber to industries in the food and paper businesses worldwide.

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