SiccaDania is primarily focused on the potato and tapioca starch industries. The ambition is to expand current technological solutions enabling starch producers to become more profitable by releasing the profit potential lying in the by-products from  potato or the tapioca processing. Complete solutions are offered for proteins (both for feed and human consumption), fibres and also for converting  waste water into a profitable fertiliser source. Complete solutions apply to selected areas of starch production as well.
Key people of SiccaDania have been instrumental in supporting European starch producers developing their operations from low-single-digit profitability into high performers with extremely strong double-digit bottom line profitability. The key is to convert low value waste by-products into high-value product.  In SiccaDania, we consider ourselves as a technology leader in this field.

We offer a range of dryers and evaporators for the starch and starch by-products industry. Apart from supplying conventional solutions for rasping potatoes and the drying of starch, we offer highly efficient and novel processes for the side-streams, thus turning all of the raw product components into valuable products: proteins separation and drying, fibre purification and drying, and fruit water concentration for fertilisers.

Together with our industry partners, we offer highly efficient turn-key plants with side stream process, waste and water management.

The chart below shows the content of the different tuberous crops.
Hoover the mouse pointer over the different elements to highlight the content.

Starch Potato
Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato Tapioca Starch Potato Yams
Juice 66% 69% 75% 53.5%
Protein 1% 2% 2% 12%
Fibre 5% 5% 4% 4.5%
Starch 28% 24% 19% 30%

The picture below shows a Starch factory including side-stream processes in Denmark.


Below are shown the different products from the main and side stream production.
Click on the products to view what they are used for.