SiccaDania develops and commercialises equipment for the starch processing industry worldwide. With a machine mix for native starch, derivative and various down-stream products we can provide the entire starch operation for a range of starch types including potato, cassava, corn, wheat, pea, rice and sago.

Our product portfolio includes a range of different technologies to provide our end customer with technology for producing high-quality starch as purely and efficiently as possible.


Download Rasper Data Sheet
Download Rasper Direct Drive Data Sheet

De-Sanding Cyclone

NivobaHovex De-Sanding cyclone
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Centrifugal Sieves

NivobaHovex Centrifugal Sieves
Download Centrifugal Sieve Data Sheet
Download Centrifugal Sieve Coupling Drive Data Sheet


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Vacuum Filter

Open Drum Vacuum Filter
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Hydro Hygiene Cyclone

Hovex Hydro Cyclone units
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Fans & Blowers

Download E-Type Fan Data Sheet
Download K-Type Fan Data Sheet
Download Fan Anti Surge Control Data Sheet

Cyclones & Filters

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Dryers & Coolers

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Screw Conveyors & Mixers

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You can read more about our starch solutions and services on the dedicated website here.

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