ACO SiccaDania

ACO was established in Odense, Denmark in 1978. Later, the company moved to its current headquarters facilities in Kolding. In response to the ever-increasing pressure to reduce manufacturing cost without compromising on product quality, in 2014, ACO Engineering was established in Poland. The company currently employs over 200 people in the workshop fabrication. These are specialists in components manufacture for spray dryers, Zeta Dryers, fluid beds, ducts, air intake systems, tubular evaporators, and many other engineered stainless steel thin plate constructions. Moreover, ACO has around 75 employees specialized in installation of large process plants worldwide. With an impressive set-up of fully equipped installation containers, ACO Service can undertake complete turnkey installation jobs of ample projects. The company is also able to move out on day-to-day notice for critical repairs, i.e. in the case unforeseen damages cause a plant to shut down.

SD Filtration

Membrane Filtration for the dairy industry

SD Filtration A/S is an integral part of our Group, providing membrane filtration units and integrated solutions hence bringing SiccaDania Group a step further towards its vision – becoming the preferred technology provider and process solutions supplier for the dairy and food industries worldwide. SD Filtration A/S is one of the company’s subsidiary, partly owned by its management and key employees. This ensures swift decision processes, strong commitment and dedication to the business. SD Filtration perfectly complements our overall mission to maintain a clear customer focus through knowledge and competence combined with high flexibility and reliability through customized standard solutions. SD Filtration’s core team, each with over 20 years of experience within their field have been involved in successful deliveries of several hundred-membrane filtration processing plants worldwide. Together with the customer we can produce crossflow filtration units to any given technical challenge or request within the dairy industry.

Daniatech SiccaDania

Another essential unit of SiccaDania Group is our mixing subsidiary, Daniatech. Like SD Filtration A/S, Daniatech is also partly owned by management, therefore adding value and commitment by delivering to each customer a reliable and flexible solution through knowledge and expertise. With over two decades of experience, Daniatech has been delivering hundreds of mixing systems all over the world. Our subsidiary will not only offer the end user quality and efficiency but also a wide range of mixers and vacuum mixers for the dairy, food, beverage, biopharma and pharmaceutical applications.

Daniatech by SiccaDania

SD Freeze Drying

SD Freeze Drying, formerly Coboti, designs & delivers the latest freeze-drying technology, particulary for the nutraceuticals sector. The company was found in 2016 by leading technology specialists with many years of experience in the sanitary equipment industry. Recently SD Freeze Drying became part of SiccaDania Group. Conjointly, we can guarantee the highest quality solutions as the technology is not only designed but also manufactured in-house. SD Freeze Drying is capable of supplying equipment for liquid processing, powder handling, bagging-off systems, automation and other industry related systems. Our core technologies lie within freeze dryers and loading/unloading robot systems.

All the above form part of SiccaDania Group, making us capable of providing a relatively wide product portfolio within our focus markets. SiccaDania can now be with its customer from the idea phase until installation and after-sale service, which is consider a major advantage aiding in a sustainable customer relationship.