University of Wisconsin

SiccaDania Small Scale division supplies equipment to the University of Wisconsin

SiccaDania are proud to announce that we have won the tender to supply a new Small Scale Spray Dryer to Center for Dairy Research (CDR) at University of Wisconsin (UW), USA. The spray dryer will be installed at CDR in Babcock Hall and be used by the private dairy industry and the university for advanced research and development as well as new product formulation work.

Wisconsin’s dairy industry contributes USD 45.6 billion to the state’s economy each year and provides around 157.100 jobs. University of Wisconsin (UW)-Madison partners closely with the dairy industry to stay on the cutting edge of innovation and maintain Wisconsin’s status as the Dairy State. This project to modernise the Babcock Hall Dairy Plant and Center for Dairy Research (CDR), a one-of-a-kind facility, combines the precision of scientific research laboratories and the safety and security of commercial (licensed and inspected) food processing plants – all at a pilot plant scale.

Babcock Hall Dairy Plant Renovation & Center for Dairy Research Addition is a new project with a total value of approx. USD 75 mio. This expansion will be making it a state-of-the-art and USA’s leading Dairy Research Center. The construction project involves the renovation of the Babcock Hall Dairy Plant on its existing footprint, as well as a new, three-story addition for the Center for Dairy Research (CDR). Babcock Hall was built in the early 1950s, and today houses the Department of Food Science, the Babcock Hall Dairy Plant, the Babcock Hall Dairy Store, and the CDR. This project represents the first major upgrade to the Babcock Hall Dairy Plant since then. It will also provide the CDR, which was established in 1986, with the space and equipment it needs to meet its growing research and outreach mission. Unlike a commercial processing facility that produces a limited line of products at a large scale, this facility must be flexible enough to produce scores of different products (including fluid milk, plus a wide variety of cheeses, ice creams and other frozen desserts, yogurts, whey-fortified beverages, and other products, etc.) in small batches. It also requires the capacity to conduct replicable research and produce consumer-safe food products. These requirements make this renovation and addition different from a standard research laboratory facility and a commercial processing facility. For example, the new facility will include nine individually controlled speciality cheese ripening rooms (a.k.a. cheese caves, with precise temperature, moisture and air flows) that will support the growth of the speciality cheese industry in Wisconsin.

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