Faba bean field

Creating a sustainable protein source

At SiccaDania, we are proud to participate in creating sustainable protein sources.

The demand for plant-based proteins and the related technology is growing rapidly as consumers have become more health and environmentally conscious. This has also led to a rapid increase in the demand for animal-protein alternatives, meat replacements and other non-animal industrial ingredients. A change in culture, health and environment consciousness beliefs have all combined to create favourable market conditions for a rise of plant-based protein.

Most plant-based protein sources are at an early stage of development and require continued innovation to succeed. SiccaDania can help within key areas of plant-based research that provide considerable opportunities for meaningful industry innovation across the value chain include sourcing, fractionation, processing, and distribution.

R&D investments in the sector seeking to maximise sustainable, reliable production of high-quality protein and fibers, include big data technologies, robotics and, more recently, block-chain technology for more secure and immediate transactions in the supply chain.

The ONE-IN-ALL-OUT concept focuses on the production of the starch, proteins and fibre. This concept enables our esteemed business partners to:

  • Extract starch and by-products from the various crops, i.e. potato, cassava, corn, wheat, pea, lentils, canola/rapeseed, faba beans, chickpeas, soy and quinoa, in the highest quality, efficient, competitive and sustainable manner.
  • Process the protein into food or feed quality, and part of the fibre can be processed to dietary fibre.
  • Incorporate a process water treatment system that minimises freshwater intake, produces disposable water and liquid fertiliser.
  • Optimise revenues in situations like increasing demand for raw material in a growing industry, climate influences and problems with plant diseases.