Coffee is an important agricultural commodity in Vietnam affecting millions of lives and businesses across the country. Coffee is also one of the top Vietnamese exports marking a $ 3.5 billion turn-over from 2017 to 2018. Unfortunately, 90% of coffee exports are in form of unprocessed coffee, low value, high risk, and no brand name.

Tin Nghia Corp is an exception to the case. It is one of the most recognized coffee exporters in the world, among the top three most important green coffee exporters according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade. This brand has been developing for almost 30 years and continues to deliver incredible results. Last week SiccaDania was welcomed at the opening of Tin Nghia’s new coffee factory, a plant situated just outside Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam.

SiccaDania has successfully installed an instant coffee drying plant which was fully operational during the opening ceremony on the 8th of December 2018. Tin Nghia is highly satisfied with all the work and technology delivered by SiccaDania. The plant has been successfully commissioned and handed over to Tin Nghia prior to the official opening.

Our agent in Vietnam Mr. Son Ha and Mr. Duc, Chairman & CEO of Tin Nghia Group

The official opening ceremony of the new plant

The Tin Nghia plant was delivered in close corporation with Devex from Germany, the main contractor and responsible party for other key installations such as the coffee roasting extraction and the freeze-drying plant. 

Tin Nghia Corporation is the first Vietnamese based company that has the combined ability of producing spray and freeze-dried instant coffee simultaneously. As expressed by many representatives from the coffee industry during the opening ceremony, this plant will mark a new beginning for the instant coffee processing industry in Vietnam in the years to come.  

SiccaDania was also welcomed by the Danish Embassy’s trade Counsellor Mr. Bo Mønsted who took part in the opening ceremony. 



Some of SiccaDania’s technology delivered to Tin Nghia