Why investing in young people is crucial for SiccaDania?

Our employees are an incremental part of our success and we are intent on keeping our employees at the top of their field with personal development and ambitious goals. The flat organisational structure of SiccaDania combined with an open-minded and diverse team allows our employees to accomplish the optimal performance, regardless of the job position. We try to become the steppingstone towards professional growth and development for each member of the SiccaDania family.

A skill, a talent or a brilliant idea – SiccaDania will always acknowledge, value and reward every employee’s input towards success.

At SiccaDania, we value our young, newly educated employees as much as the seasoned pioneers that have started our company. This mix brings us innovative, new and fresh ideas that makes SiccaDania able to design, engineer and deliver top of the line, energy efficient process technology for the food, dairy, starch and protein industries.

This year, we have started a group within our organisation called SiccaYoung (SiccaUnge). Here we gather all our young employees to discuss the future of the company, what suggestion do they have to improve the business, how to we make effective use of automation and digitalisation. It is crucial for us as a business to hear how we can become better in all our aspects. By listening to the future of our company and combining that with our seasoned employees’ input, we can create a work environment that listens and adapts to whatever changes may come.

“It is important for us to start a dialog with the young representatives in the company. We want to hear their thoughts about the future of the organisation with a focus on their suggestions are towards the requirements, wishes and values. Our young people have many suggestions that will help continue our progress and development in the coming years.” Henrik Simonsen, COO SiccaDania.

The SiccaDania team is an expanding team, with employees around the world. With more than 400 employees located in nine countries – Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Poland, Singapore, China, Brazil & New Zealand – we have a global reach and global work environment.