The Zeta Dryer has been developed by SiccaDania to provide the optimal drying solution of high-viscous products. Liquids containing insoluble solids that can be mechanically dewatered in decanter or liquid filtration systems often reach a consistency which is no longer easily pump-able. As there are significant process cost savings in reducing the water content as much as possible through mechanical dewatering, the Zeta Dryer is an ideal solution for drying the resulting dewatered moist product. The energy cost per kilogram dried powder produced is drastically reduced when compared to that of spray drying.

The Zeta Drying system includes a unique screw feeding device enabling a steady and easy-to-control drying process. Natural gas, steam or even electricity may be used for heating the process air prior to entering the drying chamber. The drying chamber features a set of rotating knives that disintegrate the moist product mass in the presence of heated process air. Moisture is instantaneously flashed off and dried particles are formed. The resulting air-borne particles pass to a powder separation system, typically a bag filter.
All essential process parameters are controlled via a central control system. Additional features can be added to the system, such as powder cooling, bagging-off, different types of air heating systems etc.

Zeta Dryers are widely used for drying of proteins, fibers, and paste-like chemical products.